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Light RyeLight Rye – a dense, but tasty bread to accompany cheese, or for use in open sandwiches. The 100% rye flour gives a moist, rich loaf which lasts well. £2.00 per loaf

Sourdough Seeded Rye – packed with sunflower seeds and kibbled rye, this pumpernickel-style loaf has a great nutty flavour. Friday & Saturday £2.50 per loaf

Malthouse – a tinned loaf using 100% malthouse flour. Ideal as a sandwich bread or toasted, the malted wheat in the flour gives a delicious sweet nutty flavour. £2.50 per loaf

Pain de Campagne – a delicious sourdough loaf made with a rye starter. Made using a long fermentation and a mix of white and wholemeal flours. £2.50 per loaf

White tin – a delicious loaf made with a small amount of yeast and an overnight fermentation. Great as a sandwich loaf, it makes fabulous toast. £2.50 per loaf

We also make smaller items. bagelsBagels – Our bagels are made using organic stoneground flour, hand shaped, before being poached, then baked. Topped with poppy seeds, they are ideal for lunches or as a weekend breakfast treat. £0.50 eachFriday & Farmers’ Markets

Burger buns – a brioche-style bun made from organic untreated flour, topped with a scattering of sesame seeds. Friday & Farmers’ Markets £0.50 each or £2.50 for 6


Cinnamon buns – a Scandinavian style cardamon flavoured sweet dough, with a cinnamon swirl. Friday & Farmers’ Markets £0.75 each

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